The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at Seattle Pacific University is designed to accomodate the working professional who seeks to pursue a teaching career. It combines elementary or secondary teacher certification within a master’s degree. MAT candidates must demonstrate maturity and document relevant experiences with children or adolescents. The two-year MAT program begins in autumn quarter. Completion of an educational technology course in the previous summer is recommended. One or two late afternoon/evening classes are held each quarter (1-6 credits). School-based experiences include:

  • Daytime classroom internship to observe and assist during spring quarter of the first year (about 6 hours/week).
  • September Experience during the opening week at a school site, prior to second MAT autumn quarter.
  • Full-time school internship during spring quarter of the second year (a leave of absence for 14 weeks from other daytime responsibilities is necessary between March 1 and June 16). An additional 15 credits of non-certification classes finishes the master degree requirements.

09-11 MAT Master Course Sequence Document (pdf)

MAT Program Alignment for bPortfolio (pdf)

MAT Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)


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